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My message to the CEO of Adidas

Photo: Tim Herbert/OxfamAUS

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I ask that the CEO of Adidas starts to really pay attention to the rights of workers who make their shoes. I hope that Adidas can guarantee that workers will be given those rights and also paid a wage more appropriate to a prestigious company like Adidas. Why is it that Adidas goods are valued so highly and yet workers are considered such cheap commodities? When it bargains with its suppliers Adidas should not compromise on the rights of workers.

The entire time I produced Adidas shoes (7 years) I worked hard, both on the production line and in the union where we struggled for workers’ rights. We wanted a victory for the workers. If soccer players wearing Adidas are victorious, they are championed and celebrated by the brand. But what about our victories? Our struggle was never properly recognised, let alone supported or celebrated. It makes me wonder what kind of playing field we are on.

When I see football players wearing shirts, pants, shoes, socks with the Adidas trademark I feel proud. I feel really proud that they wear it.

But then I think about my situation as someone who used to make those shoes.

Then I see the contrast…I think the Adidas image is not representative of its workers who have to struggle just to obtain their basic rights.

The launch of this blog is something that I really support because I hope that it might make Adidas consumers more critical and more aware of reality that we face.

Send a message to Suparjo…

Suparjo is would love to hear your view on the situation faced by factory workers in Indonesia and elsewhere. He is also happy to answer your questions. But please be patient as it may take him a few days to respond.

Note: The content of this blog is produced by and reflects the personal views of individuals, including workers and union leaders based in Indonesia. The views expressed in this blog are therefore individual views and do not necessarily represent the view or position of and are not endorsed by Oxfam Australia. Further the purpose of this blog is to assist in providing a platform for individuals, including workers and union leaders based in Indonesia to communicate directly with the public and no representation is made as to the accuracy of the information. The information contained in this blog is provided only for educational purposes, and blog topics may or may not be updated subsequent to their initial posting.

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Pesan saya untuk Presiden adidas

Saya minta kepada presiden/ketua adidas untuk sungguh-sungguh memperhatikan hak-hak buruh yang mengerjakan sepatu adidas. Saya berharap adidas bisa menjamin agar haknya diberikan dan upah yang dibayarkan sesuai dengan kelas adidas. Saya tidak mengerti kenapa barang merek adidas sangat dihargai akan tetapi buruhnya dianggap begitu murah. Buruh harus diperhatikan ketika adidas mengatur para suppliernya….

Ketika saya melihat pemain-pemain sepak bola yang memakai kaos, celana, dan sepatu sampai kaos kaki dan tas yang bermerek adidas, sebetulnya saya sangat bangga bahwa mereka memakai itu. Saya bangga karena saya pernah membuat sepatu bermerek adidas itu. Tetapi ketika saya melihat citra itu kebanggaan saya tidak seimbang dengan kondisi buruh yang harus berjuang untuk menerima hak-haknya.

Saya mendukung dibukanya blog ini, agar konsumen adidas lebih kritis dalam melihat kenyataan.

Baca ceritaku

Dukung kasus Suparjo. Ingatkan CEO adidas untuk menhargai buruh yang telah membuat produknya.

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