Stronger safeguarding in action

At Oxfam, we have zero tolerance for those who abuse their power and harm the people we work with and for.

In light of the disheartening revelations of sexual misconduct during our Haiti Earthquake emergency response in 2011, we initiated and strengthened several existing policies and practices to ensure that this would not happen again.

We requested a formal investigation, and wholeheartedly welcome the recommendations of the Independent Commission Report. Additionally, we will act on the findings of the UK Charity Commission following their inquiry into Oxfam Great Britain’s safeguarding culture and practices.

We want to learn from our mistakes and prevent history from repeating itself.

These reports note our progress toward building a positive culture in such a large and diverse global organisation, however we remain deeply committed as to what we, and the wider aid sector can do to stamp out any kind of sexual harassment, abuse or exploitation.

How change is happening at Oxfam Australia

What we are doing to address any form of misconduct within Oxfam, and to ensure that every person who works with and for Oxfam is safe from harm:

If you have any further questions or concerns, please contact our Supporter Services Team during business hours (AEST) on 1800 088 110.

Alternatively, if you have experienced anything that falls short of these standards in your dealings with Oxam Australia around the world, we invite you to make an anonymous report via our secure portal. Our whistleblower’s policy provides you with protection from identification or retaliation.

Make anonymous report

Please see our Whistleblowing Standard Operating Procedures document which outlines our process for handling complaints and whistleblowing.

If you need to report a matter impacting Oxfam Australia senior management, you can do so by referring it to the Oxfam Board.  You can contact either the Oxfam Australia Chairman at, or Chair of the Oxfam Governance Committee at

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