Australia the generous nation?

Most of the world’s richest nations have committed 0.7% of their Gross National Income in overseas aid. This equates to just 70 cents out of every $100 dollars they earn. Not much really – but if every rich country contributed 0.7% of their GNI we could halve global poverty.

So where does Australia’s generosity rank in terms our contribution to making poverty history? The answer: a lowly 16th out of the world’s 23 richest nations.

So when will Australia do its fair share you ask? That’s the question the Make Poverty History (MPH) coalition has been putting to politicians around the country at a series of MPH Electoral Forums.

We don’t think the answer from the two major parties is good enough. Watch the compilation video including footage from a number of these forums and make up your own mind.

Then write to your local MP, asking when Australia will be making a fair contribution to halving global poverty.