Oxfam Australia and CarriageWorks present Exchange for Change

Campaigning for change article written on the 07 Jul 2010

Photo: OxfamAUS
The festival for a fashionable world without poverty Exchange for Change is a series of free events that examine the workings of the fashion industry. The festival celebrates the positive steps many have made to address the environmental impacts of clothing production, as well as fair wages and safe working conditions for the people who make our clothes. Above all, the three day event will focus on what we can do in our everyday lives to make a difference. Stitched together with a line up of live local music, and wintry treats from the CarriageWorks café and bar, this is an event for anyone ready to evolve their fashion sense. Featuring: CARRIAGEWORKS, SYDNEY, 29 – 31 JULY 2010 VISIT THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE