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Add your voice – Australians are ready for real leadership on climate change


While the results of last weekend’s federal election still remain up in the air, the message from the Australian public is clear – people want action on climate change and they will support the leaders who make it happen.

Long-term trends, recent polling and the unprecedented Greens and independents share of the national vote all confirm the strong public appetite for action on climate change and investment in a cleaner, healthier future for us, for poor communities in developing nations, and for future generations.

In the weeks leading up to the election, more than 4,000 people completed our climate survey voting for the top three climate actions they wanted to see an incoming government implement. See the results or add your vote below.

No matter who ends up holding the reins of the new government, or who the key players are, we want to welcome them with a clear message – the people of Australia are ready, we are ready for real leadership on climate change both at home and abroad.

As we hang in limbo land, we want your votes and comments to keep coming in. If you haven’t yet voted for your top three actions, add your voice below. Think we’re missing something off the list? Leave us a comment.

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