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Bondi gets a Make Poverty History push

MPH Bondi large1

Oxfam intern Giselle Hall reports back on a recent action on the streets of Bondi.

It’s that time again – politicians are kissing babies, promises are flying thick and fast, and political posters in a variety of colours are springing up everywhere like strange seasonal wildflowers. With the election looming and so many people thinking about political issues, our team hit the streets on City to Surf day to remind people of the campaign to Make Poverty History.

Using eighteen huge white letters (each one the size of an average person) and an enthusiastic group of volunteers and passers-by, we attempted to spell out “Make Poverty History”. It was rather more difficult to coordinate than you might think (as our southern friends recently discovered in Melbourne), but amid much laughter and falling about (and a brief moment in which we inadvertently exhorted the public to “Make Poverty”) we did manage to get it together.

We caused quite a stir in the Bondi Junction mall, and many people stopped to ask us what it was all about. We talked to them about the campaign, and encouraged people to come to our Make Poverty History Electoral Forum for Wentworth. With the huge crowds of people coming back from the City to Surf, we also seized the opportunity to promote the Walk Against Warming.

All in all it was a fun and effective way to let the community know about these upcoming events, and perhaps encourage people to keep in mind the big issues that can sometimes get lost in the hubbub of the election season.