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Environmental Film Festival Melbourne

Screenshot Bag it

We’re looking forward to Melbourne’s first dedicated environmental film festival, with the Environmental Film Festival Melbourne launching later this month.

There’s some interesting films on offer:

  • Bag It (video trailer above) looks at one man’s determination to stop using plastic bags at his local supermarket.
  • A Sea Change documents the dramatic decline to the world’s fish population.
  • Dive! Jeremy Seifert explores the world of dumpster-diving.
  • Michael Nash’s Climate Refugees talks to those people who face displacement as a result of global warming.

Check out the full list of films on offer here.

Festival Director Nicholas Aberle:

“Everyone knows about things like climate change and protecting old-growth forests, but this festival will also draw attention to other really important issues and details that don’t get much air time, like ocean acidification and the mysterious disappearance of bees around the world.”

Each night of the Festival there will be an expert discussion panel to explore issues raised by the films, providing a local perspective on these global problems.

The EFFM will be held at the Kino Cinemas in Collins St from 16-19 September.
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