Meeting Ursula – a real story even more brought to life

Here in Brisbane we’ve been very fortunate to have Ursula Rakova in town. CEO of Tulele Peisa (the organisation set up to oversee the relocation of Carteret Islanders to mainland Bougainville due to rising sea levels claiming their homelands), Ursula presents an inspiringly holistic approach to climate change action.

In the above photo, Ursula joins us for a welcome afternoon tea in the Oxfam Brissie office – from left Brett Long (Oxfam Trailwalker coordinator), campaign volunteers Ramziya Asanalishoeva and Kate Palmer (either side of Ursula Rakova), myself and Brisbane Friends of the Earth Climate Frontlines collective member Wendy Flannery.

A true ‘Sister on the Planet’, Ursula is working tirelessly for her cause. More than ever, I think we in Australia need to listen up, step up and act with urgency – something our Pacific sisters and brothers aren’t given the luxury of having. By that I mean both individuals and governments – let’s not assume our ‘elected officials’ know more about this than we do.

I hope people have taken note of the alarming results of this Uni of Qld survey which show that 40 per cent of federal, state and local government politicians believe it would be safe for the planet to warm by 4 degrees Celsius, despite scientific warnings that a global temperature increase of 2 degrees or more could be dangerous.

Apart from whatever climate actions we’re taking in our own lives, groups, workplaces, communities – every time you do something – let your recently elected to the hung parliament Local Member know about it!

Looking forward to bringing you a more detailed update soon on the week’s visit – but in the meantime, here’s a small flavour of some of the coverage of Ursula’s visit: