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3things on green eggs & fish

greenegg lrg1

This week was a mammoth one for 3things as we considered matters of environmental ‘eggsellence’ and technological ‘eleggance’.

We bowed to our finer selves and indulged in a trashy novel before getting a celebrity fix that left us questioning our devotion. Feeling a little dirty we gave our hands a wash, only to suspect that something was a little fishy.

We imagined what it might be like to spend years in after school detention, before lacing up for uni and inspiring our friends and stalkers to take action on climate change.

But enough about us!

What 3things did you learn this week? Share a comment below and let the conversation (and spiteful, but witty, abuse) begin!

Image: I found Dr. Seuss’ Green Egg by JimmyMac210. Some rights reserved.