3things on toughness, treehugging and t-shirts

This week on Oxfam’s 3things we marvelled at the resilience of our fellow young people doing it tough in Pakistan.

Priding ourselves as exhibitionist treehuggers, we were a little startled to realise that the relationship had become a reciprocal one.

After Lady Gaga insisted we tell it how it is, we transformed ourselves from master chefs to lean, green machines and committed to the personal philosophy of a tee for tee.

We rocked out with Wolfmother and realised that they’re smoking hot for all the wrong reasons. We’ll stick with old faves Radiohead instead.

And in preparation for this weekend, we broke our mother’s hearts and impressed our friends by changing our middle name to Danger  – thinking that our new cool name will last forever.

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Image:  Mubashar Hasan (Oxfam)