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Comparing US states to countries

Image courtesy The Economist

The Economist has a nice little tool up at the moment, enabling you to compare the GDP and population of every US state with it’s closest international equivalent. Here’s a few examples:

  • Texas, with a GDP of $1,144695bn, is closest to the entire country of Russia which has a GDP of $1,231.89bn.
  • Kansas, with a GDP of $124.92bn, is closest to New Zealand, which has a GDP of $117.79bn.
  • And our own Australia, with a GDP of $994.25bn, is outshone by the great state of New York, with a GDP of $1,093.219bn.

Despite economic hardship, individual US states are still out-performing most entire countries in the rest of the world. This tool really shows the wealth disparity between the United States and a large percentage of the global community.