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Fill the fund: Send your climate messages to the UN

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Last year the climate talks in Cancun saw the successful establishment of a global Climate Fund, one of our core campaigns asks last year. But we still need to make sure the Climate Fund is filled with money, not empty promises, so it can provide life-saving support to help the world’s poorest people fight the effects of climate change.

The International Maritime Organisation (the UN body that regulates international shipping) is meeting in London at the end of March – a great opportunity for nations to come together to agree ways to raise money to help fill the Fund for the immediate and long term. They’ll be looking at proposals to reduce polluting emissions from shipping, including schemes that could generate substantial finance (for example from a tax on shipping). It’s estimated that schemes to reduce emissions from international transport could generate at least $US12bn a year, which could be used to help fill the Climate Fund without raising taxes in developed countries or diverting money from essential aid spending.

When the IMO last discussed reducing emissions from shipping, in September 2010, they decided it was so important that they’ve dedicated a whole four day meeting this March to look at the issue, so this is an unprecedented opportunity to make real progress.

We want to make sure the delegates understand what an important role they can play both in reducing carbon emissions and on agreeing this crucial source of finance that could support those most affected by climate change.

Send your message to the IMO
We want the delegates to know that people around the world are watching and care what happens inside the meeting. Send us your message to the IMO and we’ll hand over the best ones to delegates in the form of origami boats!

To send us your message either tweet it, including the hashtag #FillTheFund, or post it in the comments section below.

Here are some ideas to get you started, but don’t let them limit you. Get creative!

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