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Updates from the UN Negotiations in Bonn

Photo: Oxfam

The current UN climate talks underway in Bonn and just begun their second week. These talks are important as they will set the tone for the next big international meeting in Durban, South Africa at the end of this year. We stopped over at the Adopt a Negotiator website find out what’s been happening:

What have individual countries been negotiating? A blog from Florent Baarsch a few days ago sums up how developed countries plan to mitigate their emissions. But are the efforts of Canada, the EU and Switzerland as good as hoped? Also read what Micronesia had to say on what mitigation means to small island states. Read the post here.

Next a blog from Christian Teriete discusses how important it is for the EU and Japan to remain ambitious in their targets, in order to influence other developed nations like Australia. Read his post here.

And finally what about climate fincance for developing countries? This blog shows from a recent report that most of the pledged $30 billion dollars promised to developing countries most of it is neither “new” or “additional”. This is important as developing countries need to address poverty eradication at the same time as responding to climate change.

And of course Australia’s own tracker Clancy Moore asks how calls for domestic action to reduce emissions in Australia will impact on our negotiators at the UN Climate Change negotiations this year. Read this post here.

Keep following the progress of the climate talks at the Adopt a Negotiator website

Elsa Dominish is a volunteer for Oxfam Australia