Was Kermit right when he sang "It’s not easy being Green"..?

Photo: Rodney Dekker/OxfamAUS


It IS easy being Green!!

When Kermit the Frog starts his lament, sitting alone on that patch of grass, the helplessness of his situation seems overwhelming — but all it takes is a simple key change to send his song soaring into positivity.

That key change is really just a change in attitude! Kermit collects all the positive aspects of his situation and the song ends with his little puppet arms jerking about in happiness. He has his famous epiphany: it IS easy being Green!

I hope by the end of this post you’ll be inspired to jerk your arms around about being green(er) and … start a food garden in your school.

I love these videos

All the online tools you need to create a school food garden

Some of these resources are aimed at primary schools but are easily transferable to secondary schools:

So tap into the Kermit within and enjoy planning your school food garden in anticipation of Spring!

If you have any useful resources, or if your school would like to share the learning and successes of your food garden, please contact us or post a comment below.