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3things gets inspired by design


Another dispatch from our friends at 3things!

We’ve had a whale of a time lately! Our content producers really enjoyed the Design 4 Change exhibition. The folks at Billy Blue worked really hard to produce some fantastic campaigns.

Ben Peacock from Republic of Everyone blew us away with his inspiring talk at the event. We’re particularly taken with his 110% Challenge: If you’re already putting in 100% at work that’s for someone else, why not work 10 percent more, for yourself? For something you believe in, for something that’s not compromised and for the greater good?

We’re also really inspired by Positive Posters and their 3things: start then start again; show up; and be real. Their reasons for choosing these are well worth the read!

If hitting the ground running at 110% is a little intimidating, why no start a little smaller and add your 3things?