Melbourne’s GROW team

Meeting every week, sharing experiences and learning campaigning skills, Erica, Yolande, Barb, Tina, Tim, Rena and Agus are the Melbourne GROW team.

Together they are a group of Oxfam supporters committed to campaigning for a future where everyone has enough to eat.

Every Thursday for the last 6 weeks, the team has come together for workshops under the guidance of Campaigns staff Clancy and Kim. Impressively, after each week, this exciting bunch of all star campaigners are putting theory into practice.

Asking friends and family to sign postcards calling on Australia PM, Julia Gillard to play an active in role in tackling global hunger.

Placing our Oxfam seedlings around the Melbourne CBD for World Food Day.

Holding their own campaign dinners and picnics on World Food Day for people to share a meal and talk about ways to fix the broken food system.

Just last week, the GROW team were engaging with Coldplay supporters to help Oxfam stop poor people being kicked off their land in dodgy land grabs. Dressed up as a taco, a big pea, corn and carrots, the GROW team and their friends signed up more than 1000 Coldplay supporters in Melbourne to help stop land grabs. An amazing effort.

Next up, the GROW team will be meeting with local politicians to talk about GROW and the need for a better food future.

By Clancy Moore, Oxfam’s GROW Coordinator