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Volunteer supervisor profile: Sharon Settecasse

blog150513 shaz

blog150513 shaz

Why do you choose to work with Oxfam Australia over other organisations?

Ultimately it comes down to the fact that my values are in line with Oxfam’s values. I also believe strongly in the approach we take in working with people to change or improve the circumstances they often have little choice in. The fact that we recognise that personal empowerment is critical in changing your own situation is a really important factor in my choice. Oxfam understands the importance of engaging young people and when I came across the 3things program, that sealed the deal for me.

What is your role at Oxfam Australia and which state are you based in?

I am Oxfam’s Education Program Officer within the Domestic Youth Engagement Program team based in Sydney.

How long have you been supervising volunteers at Oxfam Australia?

For two years.

Can you share a fond memory of when you were supervising volunteers?

There are too many to choose from! I think working with graduates from the YEP Design for Change platform has been incredibly rewarding. Our wonderful current volunteer, Camilla Cornwell is a great example of someone who loves design, is great at it and is a creative communicator. Her experience at Oxfam has meant she has become a conscious creative and uses her professional strengths to develop creative solutions to problems. Since being in this role she has worked across units, from Fundraising to Campaigns to the OIYP program. She has made connections through working at Oxfam to help with her career path including picking up some freelancing work and taking part in design Master classes run by experts in the field. She is amazing, and one of many stories of an incredible volunteer!

Why do you think people volunteer for Oxfam?

I think that overwhelmingly the reason why people volunteer for Oxfam is a connection, passion and interest in social justice and working for a credible organisation that is working with people towards a future free from poverty. I know the last part is our “tagline” but I think it is a driving factor. Of course there is interest in building skills and experience but the fact that they choose Oxfam means they have an interest in our sector and the work we do.

Any other comments about your experiences as a volunteer supervisor at Oxfam Australia?

The support from the Volunteer team in particular Jana in Sydney has been paramount to my abilities to be a confident volunteer supervisor.

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