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Sammy J and Randy in South Africa

By guest blogger, Angus Hohenboken, Oxfam Australia Fundraising and Public Relations Media Coordinator

Oxfam supporters Sammy J & Randy attracted some funny looks during their recent trip to South Africa. They suspect this might have had something to do with Randy’s purple hue! The well-known Australian comedy duo paid a visit to the Woza Moya HIV/AIDS Community Centre (an Oxfam partner organisation) in the lead up to the Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala.

The field trip was designed to give the plucky pair—both long term supporters of Oxfam and masters in the art of tongue-in-cheek—the chance to see Oxfam projects first-hand and record footage for the Comedy Gala. Perfecting the art of hand-washing was an added bonus.

Yolanda, pictured between the boys, learned how to use the “tippy tap” hand-washing station at the Woza Moya Playschool before taking the technology home to teach her grandparents. Now in primary school, she enjoys teaching anyone with a willingness to learn. By the time Sammy J and Randy had finished filming their environmentally friendly toilet humour gags, they were in urgent need of a good scrubbing session.

It may look basic, but this simple rig saves lives. Previously children at the school washed their hands in a shared bucket of water, effectively spreading, rather than preventing, easily preventable diseases. The use of a clear plastic jerry can, which flows like a tap when operated by a foot-activated lever, eliminates the problem.

While Sammy J and Randy are yet to master the art of building the washing-stations they gave it their best shot, much to the amusement of Yolanda, Woza Moya staff and the crowd that gathered to watch. If their laughter was any gauge, the boys’ unique brand of international development humour is likely to bring the house down at the Palais Theatre.

Eddie Perfect will host the 2014 Melbourne International Comedy Festival Gala in mid March. Tickets to the coveted event sold out almost immediately, but the good news is Network Ten will be there to capture all the fun. Stay tuned for the broadcast date!

In the interim, check out what’s on during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and select the ‘$2 round-up’ option for Oxfam when purchasing your tickets.