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Comedy gala wrap-up


It’s no surprise to anyone that the Melbourne International Comedy Gala sells out in a matter of minutes. This year, the Melbourne International Comedy Festival was hosted by Eddie Perfect and included a line-up of over 20 of the greatest Australian and international comedy stars.

Comedy duo Sammy J & Randy surprised and delighted the crowd when they made a ‘quick trip’ to South Africa—thanks to some 80’s style special effects.

Over the course of two hours they learnt how to build a tippy-tap, annoyed the chickens in the breeding program, tried to liberate some sock monkeys and sampled the enviroloos…all clever initiatives to alleviate and end poverty.

Sammy J & Randy  visited Woza Moya, an Oxfam partner organisation that provides essential services. It’s an integrated approach that benefits the whole community; things like providing food, clean water and teaching the importance of sanitation and hygiene when it comes to preventable disease.

In short, Woza Moya is a wonderful example of your donations at work—and what’s possible thanks to Oxfam supporters.

If you missed out on Sammy J & Randy’s adventures, you can watch them all right now (above). Don’t forget to donate by clicking below!

Special thanks to:

  • Our generous supporters
  • Call-centre and event volunteers
  • The Melbourne International Comedy Festival
  • Network Ten
  • And last but certainly not least all of the amazing comedians who generously donated their time to raise money for Oxfam Australia:

Eddie Perfect, Jeff Green (UK), Milton Jones (UK), Dave Hughes, Fiona O’Loughlin, Max & Ivan (UK), Frank Woodley, Celia Pacquola, Joe Lycett (UK), Tom Ballard, Paul Foot (UK), Urzila Carlson (RSA), The Boy With Tape on His Face (NZ), Denise Scott, Doc Brown (UK), Jason Byrne (IRE), Eddie Ifft (USA), Felicity Ward, Joel Creasey, Matt Okine, Luke McGregor, Lawrence Mooney, Tripod, Ronny Chieng, Tom Gleeson and Oxfam ambassadors Sammy J & Randy

More laughs, more fuzzy feel-goods:

If you couldn’t get enough of your favourite comedian during the Gala, make sure you buy a ticket to one of their shows in the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. Get a head-start on feeling good by selecting the $2 round-option for Oxfam when you purchase your tickets online. For every ten people who round-up, we can install a tippy-tap. It’s got a fun name, but an important purpose—it helps families stay safe against preventable diseases.