End violence against women in Papua New Guinea


In Papua New Guinea (PNG), violence against women is part of everyday life. A shocking 50% of women have experienced abuse.

At just 10 years old, Ruth lost her mother. She had no choice but to live with her uncle and aunt where she experienced regular beatings.

Mama Rasta was accused of sorcery by her local community. She sustained multiple injuries — including the loss of her hand — but was lucky to escape with her life.

It’s hard to comprehend the humiliating abuse Margaret received at the hands of her second husband. Injured and hooked on drugs, she needed help badly.

In the video above, all three of these brave women share their stories with us. Thanks to  supporters like you, they are are beginning to rebuild their lives.

On average, Oxfam rescues three women a week who are facing extreme violence and are fast becoming the major provider of services to eliminate violence against women in PNG. Help us end the appalling violence.