2014 in review: volunteers in the Volunteer Engagement Team

Photo: Ula Majewski/OxfamAUS

By Megan Cassar, Volunteer Engagement Coordinator.

2014 was a big year for the Volunteer Engagement Team (VET). Our small team of two in Melbourne have been lucky enough to recruit three incredibly, talented and diverse volunteers.

Anne Sandler joined us in March 2014, coming to Oxfam with over 20 years experience in HR. Anne’s experience and practical outlook was first-class in the planning of an event during National Volunteer Week on ‘what volunteers can do for you’. Anne’s HR experience was sought out by the HR team at Oxfam and she was instrumental in laying the foundation for new recruitment and selection training.

Ruth Oliphant started in May 2014 and in that time has sent out over 200 online training sessions to new volunteers, ensuring that Oxfam remains compliant in Workplace Health and Safety. She’s overseen the recruitment of around 170 Oxfam Shop volunteers and has also ensured our records for all Oxfam volunteers are up-to-date and neatly presented in colourful spreadsheets. Ruth’s assistance throughout the last half of 2014 has been invaluable and we are in her debt.

Mary-Jane Espartinez prefers to be called “MJ” and she is the newest, freshest set of eyes on the team. MJ joined us mid November 2014 with a true love for all things Oxfam. She has already achieved a huge milestone in her personal life, which is gaining her very own Oxfam email. MJ’s commitment, dedication and motivation are all outstanding qualities that makes her the pivotal link to our wonderful team.

A massive thank you to our amazing volunteers who have all, and will continue to make, such a difference to Oxfam Australia and people living in poverty.