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Want Australia to lead on climate? Call the Captain now!

call the captain

With Cabinet set to decide on Australia’s future climate targets any day now, the PM needs to hear directly from real people like you.

He needs to hear from people like you who want the government to do the right and fair thing by families and farmers – not for the big polluters.

Make sure YOUR voice is heard! Make a quick call to the PM’s office now:

(02) 6277 7700

The PM’s staff will take a note of your message and pass on your comments.

Let him know you expect the Government to make the smart choice on climate, and do the right and fair thing by families and farmers.

Some things you could say:

  • I, along with millions of Australians, want to my government take real leadership on climate. Now is the time to move with the rest of the world and take the bold action required
  • Australia has all it needs to be a global leader on climate change. We are a wealthy country with some of the world’s best potential for renewable energy.
  • If we don’t act now, we risk harming our future prosperity and our international standing. We need to make the smart choice on climate and not risk being made irrelevant while the rest of the world moves forward
  • Climate change is a major threat in the fight against poverty and hunger. We know that climate change is hitting poorer countries the hardest, and that Australia needs to do more.
  • The science is clear! Australia should cut our emissions by at least 40% below 2000 levels by 2025 and at least 60% by 2030, and aim to reach zero emissions well before mid century
  • Australia should dramatically increase our support to poorer countries in building resilience to climate impacts and growing sustainable, low-carbon economies.

Tell us how your call went in the comments below!