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Schools in Action: Aussie schools support Nepal (part 2)

Ravi* 11 and his sister Pabritra* 10 (* - not real names) in a temporary shelter after the Nepal earthquake. Photo: Aubrey Wade.

Aussie schools have been invaluable in raising funds for Oxfam’s emergency response in Nepal.

In the second part of this Schools in Action series, we continue looking at the inspiring ideas by Australian schools to provide relief to the people of Nepal.

Please note that this post contains your daily intake of adorable.

Goodwood Primary School, SA.

After learning about the crisis in Nepal, Bronwyn’s 2/3 class at Goodwood Primary School decided to take action. The class held a meeting and decided to take on a massive campaign!

Students swapped their regular lunch for rice, donating the money that their parents would usually spend on lunch to the appeal. This was a great way to raise funds, but also meant that students were able to experience first-hand what it is like to have limited access to food.

Photo: Bianca Wordley/OxfamAUS

The students also held a market stall, where they sold homemade lemonade and baked goodies, and even gave origami lessons and massages.

They managed to raise a stunning $800 for the appeal and continued to learn about Nepal when Nepalese Honorary Consul Mr Dipak Dhamala came to speak to them.

Preston North East Primary, VIC.

The kids at Preston North East Primary had a visit from Oxfam’s Schools Program Coordinator Annalise De Mel, who taught them about the challenges facing the people of Nepal and what Oxfam does for people in crises. Students got to have an up-close look at Oxfam’s hygiene and water kits, which deliver life-saving essentials during emergencies.

At the end of the session, students presented Oxfam with a giant cheque for over $400! That’s enough for 44 families to receive water kits.

You can watch the presentation below:

Oxfam Visit to Our School from Preston North East Primary on Vimeo.

Wesley College, WA.

160 year nine boys from Wesley College raised more than $1000 for the Nepal Appeal — that’s enough to provide eight temporary toilets that help stop the spread of disease!

On their retreat day, students took part in a ‘charity treasure hunt’ where they had to work together to crack codes and solve puzzles. Once they had worked their way to the end of the hunt, they opened a treasure chest which revealed their donation to Oxfam. Our WA Community Campaigner Paddy Cullen also visited the school to explain how the funds are used by Oxfam to provide relief.

Check out Wesley College’s unique treasure hunt fundraiser below:

A big thank you to all the schools featured in this series and the many more who work in partnership with Oxfam Australia. Together we’ve made a huge difference in the lives of people in Nepal.

If you would like to teach your students about how Oxfam responds to disasters and emergencies, check out the Learning about Emergencies resource.

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