Happy 25th to a World Class Volunteer!

Kevin McNair first started volunteering with Community Aid Abroad in 1991. This year, he celebrates his 25th year of volunteering, which is more than 700 hours a year and 20,000 hours total volunteering with Oxfam Australia! Here’s how it all started.

In 1991, I signed up to a two-week work experience course at Community Aid Abroad in Fitzroy. It was to teach me how to use a computer, bookkeeping and other administrative things.

On my first day in the office, I had simple tasks like cleaning out cupboards and sorting books. Other jobs I did were sorting through the mail and entering in supporter details from campaign petitions.

When my two weeks of work experience was finished, I had had such a fun time that I asked the volunteer coordinator if I could come back as a volunteer. She said “yes” and I’ve been here ever since!

I really like all the work that I get to do here, like packing letters and helping with outgoing mail, book-binding and laminating.

Everyone in the team is friendly and they are all really good people. I have diabetes and they help me by making sure I eat the right foods. They are fantastic people and I’d go crazy if I didn’t get to come to Oxfam every day. They are my Oxfamily! I love it here!

They are fantastic people and I’d go crazy if I didn’t get to come to Oxfam every day.

My Oxfamily planned a 50th birthday surprise party and a 60th birthday surprise party too!

At my 50th, Paul Meldrum, who is an ex-Carlton player (Go Blues!) came along to say happy birthday! I was so surprised that I didn’t know what to say to him. There was heaps of food at the party and I got great presents, like the American-Indian book that’s still at home and a Liverpool shirt and hat. My 60th party was also lots of fun. All the guests were interviewed and then a DVD was put together for me of the party.

This year it’s my 70th birthday but it isn’t going to be a surprise party because I know all about it.

We are having a big celebration at the Oxfam head office and I’m asking my friend Paul Meldrum to come! The Oxfam band are also playing some songs for me which I can’t wait for.

I love my Oxfamily!

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