Photo: John Sones/OxfamAUS

Learning from our work

Our ultimate aim is to create good quality programs that are built on experience, contribute to positive change in people’s lives and are adaptable to changing circumstances.

We monitor and evaluate our work to assess the changes in people’s lives as the result of our programs, advocacy initiatives and campaigns. In doing so, Oxfam Australia, our partners, our donors and the communities we aim to help can all hold each other to account for the commitments that we make.

Approach to learning

Oxfam Australia is committed to the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of our programs to improve the impact of our work. Monitoring and evaluation occurs right across the organisation, from an agency-wide level to a regional, country and project level.

Annual reflection and planning processes support the sharing of learning at Oxfam Australia. Our programs are monitored and evaluated in several ways, including gathering and analysing qualitative and quantitative information.

We consider the broader context contributing to change, the views of the people we are seeking to help, the needs and interests of women and men and the perspectives of other stakeholders. The people we seek to help are involved in monitoring and evaluation and reflecting on program strategy. We also draw on the assistance of other organisations, skilled professionals and partners.