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Oxfam is working with partners like Voice for Change in Kilbang Village, Papua New Guinea to end Violence Against Women and Girls

Different ways to give

You can give in many different ways to Oxfam. This page shows you all of the ways you can contribute to our life-saving work around the world.

If Then Give app

Want more control over your giving? Now you can tie your giving to real-world events you care about. Download the ‘If Then Give’ app and choose the conditions under which you want to give. Your funds are only released when your conditions have been met.

Download IF THEN GIVE on iOS

Download IF THEN GIVE on Android.

Support a special project

If you’re passionate about a particular area of our work and have $10,000 or more to donate, we can help you find a special project that you can support. You’ll receive regular updates that will enable to see how your generous donation is changing lives.

Join Oxfam’s major donor program

The Oxfam Circle, our major donor program, is a community that allows you to direct your gift to a particular area of interest or specific project, and feel a deep connection to the impact of your support.

Make a monthly gift

Fundraise for us

Ever thought that being an event organiser would be fun? Do you like the idea of getting a group of people together to raise money for Oxfam’s work while having fun at the same time? Well why don’t you create your own fundraiser. We have all the resources and inspiration you’ll need.

Give through your pay

Organising to have money automatically deducted from your pay not only saves tax but also saves lives. You can’t get much better than that!

Open a bank account that makes a difference

Open a Bendigo Oxfam Community Saver Account and donate some of your monthly interest to Oxfam Australia.

Combine safe world travel with fighting world poverty

By buying World Nomads travel insurance you’ll be covered for your adventure and we’ll have that little bit extra to fight poverty around the globe.

Make your Will their future

Include a bequest in your Will to Oxfam Australia and you can help change the world.

Download a paper form to sign up as a monthly donor

Donate online today

Ready to give? Change a life today by making a donation to Oxfam — helping people grow more food, educate their children, and lead healthy, productive lives.

Donate now