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Help put food on the table for more people around the world by supporting Oxfam

In the lead up to World Food Day in October, Oxfam would like to invite you to support our national fundraiser Eat Local Feed Global as a participating restaurant/cafe.

Over the coming months, Oxfam will be encouraging its supporters and the public to enjoy a meal out with friends at participating restaurants focused around Sunday 14 October. When it comes time to paying their bill, Oxfam will be asking patrons to also make a donation to Eat Local Feed Global.

As a participating cafe or restaurant all you’d be required to do is collect this donation on behalf of Oxfam – it couldn’t be simpler. Anything else to help encourage more customers to your venue that day to support the fundraiser is up to you and your imagination!

Why is this an important fundraiser to support?

Tragically, there are more people who need food than ever before. One in seven people around the world are dangerously hungry right now – and children are the most vulnerable. This unprecedented food crisis is due to a combination of things, from sky-rocketing food prices to extreme weather events and failing food production.

Across West and Central Africa, for example, drought and failing crops have left an estimated 18.7 million people without enough food to eat. That’s equivalent to 80% of the Australian population. Clearly something needs to be done and Eat Local Feed Global is a simple way that your restaurant or cafe can help make a difference.

What will the donations I help collect be used for?

These funds will support Oxfam to continue helping families tackle hunger – from responding to the crisis in West Africa to working with small-scale farmers to produce drought-resistant crops. Working together, people are growing more food, educating their children, and leading healthy, productive lives.

How do I take part?

Becoming a participating restaurant or cafe is easy.
Follow these quick steps:

  1. Register for a myOxfam account
  2. Be sure to register as an ORGANISATION and choose COMPANY
  3. Once logged in to myOxfam, click on CREATE AN EAT LOCAL FEED GLOBAL RESTAURANT EVENT
  4. Upload any photos of your restaurant that you’d like to use and make the page yours!
  5. Take note of your unique URL to provide to your customers on the event day
  6. Oxfam will send you an information kit, which will include all materials for the tables and customers, as well as flyers and posters to promote the event

Register your restaurant

On Sunday 14 October:

  1. Use checklist and information provided by Oxfam to brief staff on the event
  2. Enjoy your busy lunch and/or dinner
  3. Encourage diners to use your unique fundraising page to donate online
  4. Collect any cash donations given on the day
  5. Return all donations and donation cards to Oxfam with the deposit form

For more information please contact Nadia Watson on 03 9289 9316 or