Worksheet templates

Students from Lyndhurst Secondary College in Victoria hosted an Eat Local Feed Global Hunger Banquet

After more than 2 decades Oxfam’s school program has closed. Our commitment to tackling poverty and empowering communities continues. The resources on these pages will no longer be updated.
– September 2019.

Oxfam has a collection of worksheet templates available as PDFs. These can be used in a variety of subjects, to help your students organise, make sense of and critically engage with information. KWLH organiser A chart to help students activate their prior knowledge and help direct their future learning:
  • K – What do students already KNOW about the topic?
  • W – What do students WANT to find out?
  • L – What have students LEARNT as they research?
  • H – HOW could students learn even more?
DOWNLOAD Flow chart A chart to help students sequentially list events or actions. DOWNLOAD Diamond ranking chart A chart that helps students order information. DOWNLOAD PMI chart A chart to help students evaluate issues to aid decision-making:
  • P – Plus, or positive elements
  • M – Minus, or negative elements
  • I – Interesting, or things that can’t be categorised as good or bad.
DOWNLOAD Cloropleth map A blank map of the world for multiple uses. Oxfam uses Peters Projection for all of its maps of the world. If desired, teachers and students are welcome to undertake a webquest and discuss why we may use this map.
  • What were your first impressions when you saw this map?
  • Why did Peters create his map?
  • What countries are bigger, and what countries are smaller?
  • How does this projection affect your view of the world?
  • Why might Oxfam choose to use this map?