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How you can change the world every day

By making a donation each month, you’ll join a group of our most important supporters who help women, men and children all over the world to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Some of the communities we support don’t have clean water or a toilet; some are not always certain they’ll eat every day; some have had their basic human rights abused. All deserve the opportunity to create a better life.

Here are just three of the many amazing ways that you can help people change their lives by becoming a monthly donor to Oxfam:

Give a hand up

You can help Sri Lanka’s poorest people grow more food by providing training in new farming techniques. Your support could help poor families grow more crops to feed themselves and sell the extra for income to help send their children to school. Practical solutions, supported by you, can create real change now and give children from poor communities the chance for a better future.

Strengthen communities

Simple tools can create huge change — by helping install a tap and clean water in a school in South Africa, you can help make a whole community’s children healthier so they’re better able to learn and grow without the constant threat of disease. As a monthly donor, you won’t just be installing taps. You’ll also help teach community leaders about avoiding waterborne diseases and how to make dirty water drinkable. They’ll then pass this on to their community so that when we leave, we know you’ve helped create permanent change.

Demand justice

Do you remember the tragic collapse of the Rana Plaza garment factory in Bangladesh in 2013? More than 1,100 workers died, mostly young women. Sadly, this was not a one-off — Bangladesh has a record of appalling working conditions and wages. As a monthly donor, your support will help us expose companies who are exploiting workers, work with them to improve pay and conditions in their supplier factories and support workers to make their voices heard.

Your support will help make sure everyone has the basics like clean water and a toilet, enough food to eat and sell, and equal rights — no matter who or where they are. Join the thousands who already fighting for a better world. Are you ready?

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