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Land is Life: stories of climate change and hunger

Scientists are warning that climate change will have increasing impacts on our lives. For poor people living in places like the Pacific, Timor Leste, South Africa and Indonesia, these impacts are greater and are happening now.

Climate change is the single biggest threat to our chances of providing food to the 1 in 9 people who currently go hungry every day.

Land is Life is a series of images documenting the struggle that poor farmers, often women, face every day to feed themselves and their families. In many cases these women refer directly to a changing climate or changing seasons, sea level rise, or increases in the intensity and frequency of weather events. Others talk about conditions becoming drier, or unsuitable for crops they’ve farmed for many years.

In the Pacific, climate change means land is being eaten away by storm surges. It also means tidal inundations leading to saltwater intrusion into formerly arable land and scarce fresh water sources which makes them unusable. Scientists have predicted that these low-lying coral atolls may be uninhabitable by mid-century.

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