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Kylie Kwong preparing lunch for the workers at Giang Phong II ceramics workshop in Mai near Hanoi

Kylie Kwong’s deep-fried silken tofu with organic sweet and sour sauce

We’re excited to announce that Oxfam ambassador and acclaimed chef Kylie Kwong is supporting our Stop Hunger Appeal by providing two delicious and nutritious recipes for you to try –  both containing pineapples! (Find out more about why we think pineapples are so great.) All you need to do is sign up to the Oxfam Newsletter below (we promise not to spam you!), and we’ll send the recipe to your email inbox straight away.

Be sure to check out Kylie’s mouth-watering recipe for Sweet and Sour Pork, too.

Still hungry? Check out Kylie’s delicious recipe for Cambodian-style fish poached in coconut milk.