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Preparation & prevention

Oxfam works around the world to build resilience and reduce the impact of disasters when they strike. We support community-level peace-building projects, and work to reduce the risk and impact of disasters by helping vulnerable communities adapt to climate change as well as ensuring they’re equipped to cope with any kind of disaster.

We’re making every effort to ensure that crises don’t happen in the first place, by tackling the factors that increase the risk of conflict and disaster such as:

  • Poverty
  • Climate change
  • Promoting peace between rival groups

We work around the world, helping communities prepare for future natural disasters.

We also work to prevent conflict and played a central role in advocating for the adoption of the Arms Trade Treaty that sets clear rules for all international transfers of arms and ammunition. Reducing the amount of weapons and bullets that are fuelling conflicts across the world will protect people and also give them a chance to build a better life.