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Since conflict broke out, humanitarian needs are outpacing aid.

By donating today, your generous gift can go twice as far to support our life-saving work on the ground and make an enormous difference to people facing this humanitarian crisis.*

One year after conflict broke out in the Tigray region of Ethiopia, communities there and in neighbouring Amhara and Afar are reeling from the combined toll of violence, human rights abuses, hunger, locusts, and the COVID-19 pandemic. As many as seven million are in need of humanitarian assistance.

With the conflict now spreading in northern Ethiopia, many more vulnerable people are left without vital protections and resources. The need is growing exponentially, while the aid that could save lives and head off further catastrophe falls woefully short.

“I cannot afford to rebuild my house … And I don’t know what will happen to my children.” – Fantu**

A single mother, after returning from hiding to find her house destroyed in heavy fighting.

“… now the roads to the neighbouring regions are blocked, we are not able to go to the markets.” – Tesfay**

A father of three now caring for his brother’s children after he was killed in the conflict.

‘‘The community can’t support us … we need your organisation’s continuous support until we start living on our own.’’ – Tinsayi**

Who fled fighting in Western Tigray while pregnant.

*Donations will be matched up to a total value of $200,000. Should the funds raised exceed the amount required to meet the immediate and longer term needs of the people in the affected areas, Oxfam Australia will direct donations to our International Crisis Fund to enable us to rapidly address emergencies as they occur.  This offer does not apply to a monthly donation.

**Names changed to protect identities.

What is Oxfam doing?

Oxfam has been partnering with local organisations to deliver urgent aid. As the conflict continues, we aim to reach over 400,000 people.

Food ‒

With 400,000 people reported to be living in famine-like conditions, we’ve been distributing basic supplies of flour, peas, lentils, salt and oil.

Water ‒

As infrastructure has been destroyed by conflict, we have installed water storage tanks so that people can have access to safe, clean water.

Sanitation ‒

We have provided people with toothpaste, soap, menstruation products and other essential items through the distribution kits.

Oxfam is calling on all parties to end the violence, prioritise the safety of civilians and grant aid agencies unconditional and safe access to those in need.

Help us support those facing hunger in northern Ethiopia

Donate now

Together we can support families facing hunger in northern Ethiopia.

Donate now

Together we can support families facing hunger in northern Ethiopia.