The votes are in!

Although the tally room madness won’t officially kick off until Saturday afternoon, here at Oxfam we’ve added up the votes of more than 4,000 Australians who have so far voted in our climate survey.

Whatever way you look at the numbers, it is clear that Australians are tired of the hot air coming out of the major parties on climate change. They want real solutions.

The top three climate policies our 4,000 plus voters are calling for are:

  • more investment in renewable energy,
  • big polluters to be held responsible, and
  • the Australian government should show leadership on an international level and work hard to get a fair ambitious and binding global climate agreement .

You and I know that there are a lot of reasons to act. Developing countries face a growing climate crisis. And here in Australia there are huge economic opportunities from early action to develop a renewable energy industry.

So that’s why we’ve taken your votes, your voices, and sent letters to PM Julia Gillard, Opposition Leader Tony Abbott, Climate Change Minister Penny Wong and Opposition Spokesperson on Climate Change Greg Hunt reflecting our collective disappointment in their climate policies and calling on their parties to act, and act early in the next term of government.

We’re not going to pretend otherwise: whichever major party gets in this weekend we will still have a long way to go. But here at Oxfam we know that Australians like you will not let up until you get real action on climate change.

Thank you for campaigning with Oxfam – together change is possible.

The votes are still coming in; check out the up-to-date counter
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