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Countries at threat from climate change

Some of the “big economies of the future” are the most vulnerable to the effects of climate change, according to a new study published today.

UK consultancy Maplecroft identified Bangladesh and India as the two countries facing the greatest risks to their populations, ecosystems and business environments after ranking 170 countries based on their exposure to climate-related natural disasters and their social, economic and political ability to adapt to a changing climate.

According to Maplecroft, the countries facing the greatest risks are characterised by high levels of poverty, dense populations, exposure to climate-related events and reliance on flood- and drought-prone agricultural land.

Here are the 16 countries that face “extreme” risk, in order from most vulnerable to least.

  1. Bangladesh
  2. India
  3. Madagascar
  4. Nepal
  5. Mozambique
  6. Philippines
  7. Haiti
  8. Afghanistan
  9. Zimbabwe
  10. Myanmar
  11. Ethiopia
  12. Cambodia
  13. Vietnam
  14. Thailand
  15. Malawi
  16. Pakistan

via GOOD