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Delivering your #tweetbottle messages

tweet in a bottle

Yesterday, our team took your messages directly to the COP16 climate negotiations currently underway in Cancun, Mexico.

We asked you to send us your messages of climate action, urgency and hope and the response we received was great! We picked out some of the most powerful messages, printed them up on huge banners and made damn sure they couldn’t be missed out the front of the conference centre!

Here’s some of your messages that we delivered to officials, negotiators and attendees of the Cancun conference:

But this doesn’t mean your messages should stop! Keep sending in your #tweetbottle messages, and we’ll ensure your voice is heard by those tasked with making the decisions in Cancun.

Our Climate Tracker Phil Ireland will also be hand delivering a number of the Australian messages from this global campaign, directly to the Australian government climate delegation. Stay tuned!