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Fair’s fair Buxwear: ethical school uniforms finally on the cards!

Photo: OxfamAUS

The campaign for more ethical school uniforms is making a difference as an Australian company commits to cleaning up their act on labour rights.

In August 2010 a group of Melbourne school children, together with FairWear campaigners, delivered a “FAIL” report card to Buxwear. The action came after the Buxwear (also trading as Dandy Schoolwear and Norman W Buck & Co) continually failed to ensure that the rights of workers making its products were upheld.

But now Buxwear’s grades look set to improve, with the company recently announcing that it is undergoing accreditation with Ethical Clothing Australia. Accreditation will help ensure that workers are paid fair wages and receive all their entitlements—this is good news for the Australian women and men who produce garments for BuxWear.

While it may take some time for BuxWear to have their supply chain accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia, the fact that BuxWear is now seeking accreditation is a credit to all those involved with the FairWear school uniform campaign. Well done to all of you who took part in the action to get the company to take this important step!

Write to Buxwear
You can write to BuxWear and acknowledge this step in the right direction.

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Image: OxfamAUS