Smiling in Dadaab

As we’ve seen in previous blog posts, conditions in Kenya’s enormous, over-crowded Dadaab refugee complex are never easy and often downright intolerable.

But thanks to the dedication and expertise of people like Public Health Promotion Assistants Audrey Andwati and Agnes Mandela, and plumber Silas Kipsang, Dadaab’s residents know they’re not in this alone.

These short videos by Oxfam’s Fred Perraut reveal the progress being made in the areas of water supply and hygiene education across the camp — and the amazing individuals making it happen. What better time than World Humanitarian Day to showcase their great work?


Audrey’s mission? To teach parents and their kids about cholera-prevention techniques … while making them smile at the same time.


Silas shows us how much hard work goes into providing refugees across Dadaab with water.


It takes a lot of dedication, patience and attention to detail for Agnes to make sure that Dadaab’s latrines are ship shape.

By donating to our Africa food crisis appeal, you’ll be helping us reach more people in Dadaab and across the region with life-saving water and sanitation.