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The goats that gave hope

Unwrapped Recelia Charlie

Oxfam Unwrapped helps bring a vital source of income — and hope for the future — to families like Recelia’s.

In Nhongue village in Mozambique, hunger is real threat.

“Sometimes there are serious problems with food shortages, sometimes there’s no rain and the farms don’t produce much,” said mum of five, Recelia.

“That’s why Malhalhe (an Oxfam partner) decided to give us goats to help us. Once they reproduce I can sell them to buy food for my children.”

In Recelia’s village, goats are distributed in phases. A family in need is identified and given two goats to care for and breed. Once they have produced their first kids the family pass the original goats onto another family in need.

This cycle continues until all of the identified families have goats of their own.

Photo: Abbie-Trayler Smith/OxfamAUS

“As you can see I have goats. I sell some of them to sustain my family.” said Recelia.

“First the goats were given to my neighbor and then after they reproduced they were passed onto me as I am poor and I don’t have recourses to sustain my children with.”

Now, Recelia is in the position to breed and sells goats to sell at the market. To maintain the goats in good health, she’s received training and help from a community veterinary promoter.

Her new source of income is used for food such as maize, oil and vegetables; but it also means more money for medicine and school fees.

“I’ve sold goats at one thousand meticas each … the money helped me to take care of my children,” said Recelia.

“All of my children, the boys as well as the girls go to school. They take turns, those who go to school in the morning relieve their siblings so that they can go to school in the afternoon.”

“Now that I have goats I feel secure because when I sell my goats I can use that money go to the hospital to get pills to cure whatever illness I have.”

Photo: Abbie-Trayler Smith/OxfamAUS

With her kids in school and in good health, the goats have also provided her and her family with a sense of hope for the future.

“Before getting the goats I didn’t have any hope. Now I have hope.” said Recelia.“I know that if I have a problem in my family I can sell a goat for food. I can find money to solve the problem… I feel good. I feel that I am secure and I see my future differently now… I think the future looks promising.”

“The only thing I can say is to thank you for the goats you gave me, they help me a lot. I feel secure that I have a source of income.”

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