Build hope in Tanzania



For people like Godeberite living in overcrowded refugee camps in Tanzania, life is hard and filled with uncertainty. Food shortages, malnutrition, dirty water and no way to earn a living. How would you cope?

Thanks to you, we have worked with local partners in Tanzania to provide families with clean, safe water. But to break the cycle of poverty and hunger, we need sustainable, long-term solutions. By donating today, you can create pathways for people like Godeberite to earn a living, and work their own way out of poverty.

“My life as a refugee started when I was three. It has been a difficult life, full of struggles. I have never seen happiness.”

— Jackline*, Nyarugusu camp, Tanzania

But you can build
hope for the future.

With your support, Oxfam can teach people skills to help them make a living and work their own way out of poverty.

“The money I make here as a tailor is what I use to buy extra food. People survive in different ways; it would have been very difficult for me if I had not had this job.”

— Buchumi*, member of an Oxfam-supported tailoring group.
Give a tailor their tools

“I like being a beekeeper so much. I used to be a beekeeper in Congo. People like to keep the bees safe. In Congo, a lot of people like to cut down trees — so I also thought it would be a good way to protect the trees. I’m a conservationist.”

— Subi*, member of an Oxfam-supported beekeeping group.
Get a beekeeper started

“A lady [from Oxfam] asked us what we would like to do as a group … she told us they were going to buy us the things we needed to start up a bakery.”

“… we were taught how to make everything, I knew very little about baking before.”

— Aline*, member of an Oxfam-supported bakery group.
Start up a bakery

*Names have been changed to protect identities. Photos this page: Phil Moore/Oxfam

Donate today to help families make a living and build hope for the future.