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Beating COVID: how Aboriginal communities mobilised to fight the pandemic

When the threat of COVID-19 became fully apparent last year, First Peoples health organisations across Australia swung quickly into action to prevent devastating effects in their communities. Read more »
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“The day we will dance”: Voices of women in the midst of conflicts in West and Central Africa

In West and Central Africa, women have lost their “dance partners”, who have been killed by armed groups, disappeared or gone away. Read more »
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Australia must contribute its fair share to the UN COVID-19 Global Humanitarian Response Plan

In fragile states, war zones and in poor countries, the human and economic costs of COVID-19 threaten to kill millions and push billions more into poverty. Read more »
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Beyond Covid-19: could we create a more sustainable world?

What will the world’s response to the COVID-19 crisis mean for the two defining and interconnected challenges of our age: climate change and global inequality?   Read more »
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Buried Treasure – Aussie mining companies behaving badly in West Africa

Whilst Australian mining companies are extracting precious and finite resources from countries across Africa, it is unclear if any of the wealth is benefiting the local community and the country as a whole. Read more »
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Beyond safeguards: why advocacy is critical

Systems and safeguards are critical measures to prevent abuse and protect the rights of women and girls. But sexual misconduct, from Hollywood to Haiti, has revealed a much deeper issue: unfair distributions of power. Read more »
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Help school the big brands this summer

You know the holidays are over when you starting seeing advertisements for ‘Back To School’ sales. Unfortunately, many of the women making clothes for brands like Kmart, Target and Big W are paid poverty wages. Find out how you can call brands to account. Read more »
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It’s time to target the obscene profits of the super-rich

Just eight billionaires are as wealthy as the poorest half of humanity, showing that the global inequality crisis is more extreme than we had feared. It is clear the current economic system is broken, serving the interests of multinational corporations and the super-rich. Read more »
Inequality between the rich and the poor is showcased in this photograph of Tondo slum set against the cityscape of Manila, Philippines, 2014

Budget 2016: Do you know what’s missing?

Budget 2016, it had it all: “the economy”, bracket creep, innovation, nimbleness, agility, debt and deficit. Surely that’s everything, right? Well, not quite. Read more »
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What do Jamie Oliver, Bette Midler, Don Cheadle and 120,000 others have in common?

The fact that just 62 people own as much as half the world’s population has made headlines around the world, but it’s just one step in the fight to get the action needed from governments, big business and the mega rich to reverse the tide of extreme inequality. Read more »