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Section 2 Part 2: Evolution of the Oxfam Poster

Big Idea: How have Oxfam posters been used to convey messages that are specific to audiences in time and place?






Student activity: The evolution of Oxfam’s campaign posters

STEP 1: Explore this snapshot of Oxfam campaign posters, which gives a visual overview of the evolution of Oxfam campaign posters from the 1940s to the present day.

STEP 2: Choose three posters to compare and contrast, ideally across different decades.

STEP 3: Using the “What makes a successful poster” infographic, discuss the above “Big idea” to unpack the differences between the look and messaging of the different posters across time and place.

STEP 4: Update Oxfam’s timeline! Imagine you are an Oxfam graphic designer and you have been asked to use Google slides or PowerPoint to create three more slides for the current year. These slides need to let the public know about the “Six Goals to Change the World” posters by Steph Hughes and also the launch of our Poster Design Education Kit. The slides need to effectively use large images and informative text to convey the story. The slides should mimic the layout of those already on the timeline.