Pineapple recipes

Kylie Kwong with pineapples at a market in Hanoi

Oxfam is proud to have the support of the food community for our Stop Hunger Appeal

We’re incredibly lucky that acclaimed Australian chefs and food bloggers have donated some fantastic recipes — all containing pineapples — in support of our work to stop hunger. You can download our special edition cookbook and two fantastic recipes from Kylie Kwong below

Why are we so exicted about pineapples? Because they truly are the new superfood. Not only can they be a real life-saver, as they have been for Ecerina in Mozambique, but they can also be a great addition to your own cooking.

Oxfam ambassador Kylie Kwong understands the importance of growing simple, nutritious food.

“As a chef I am passionate about food, and I care deeply about helping those who don’t have enough to eat,” Kylie says. “Oxfam Australia is supporting women and men to grow more food, like drought-resistant pineapples in Mozambique.

“As a proud ambassador of Oxfam, I encourage you to donate to Oxfam Australia. Together we can help families grow and cook fresh, healthy meals and work their way out of poverty. Thank you for your support. I hope you enjoy my favourite pineapple recipes!”

Delicious pineapples recipes

Kylie Kwong’s pineapple recipes