Coop members in paddy fields, replanting rice

Helping people help themselves

The best people to help poor communities are community members themselves. That’s because no one understands their problems better than they do.

Poor people can take control, solve their own problems, and rely on themselves – with the right support. That’s where we come in.

Helping people help themselves is about realising people’s right to earn a secure sustainable living.

We do this by giving people the skills, tools, confidence and access to markets they need to fulfil their potential and work their way of poverty. Whether it be growing cabbages in Papua New Guinea or making pots in Bangladesh, we work with poor communities to find a way that works for them.

The quality of their working life is also important to us. We fight for better working conditions and better protection of the natural resources on which poor communities depend. And we campaign at a global level for fair access for poor people to national and international markets.

Find out how we help people support themselves and make a living.