A photo story from Turkana

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Five years without decent rain has left the northern Kenyan region of Turkana parched and in desperate need of aid. These photos, by Intermón Oxfam’s Irina Fuhrmann, paint a stark picture. Read more »

Rankin in Kenya

In this video, recorded when he was in drought-stricken Turkana to take photos for Oxfam, photographer Rankin tells how moved he was by the strength and courage of the people he met there. Read more »

Cash-for-work in Kenya: Building latrines at Dadaab camp

Our cash-for-work program in Dadaab is not only helping refugees earn vital income, but is also giving them a sense of purpose and dignity in conditions where it can be difficult to stay positive. Read more »

A mother’s impotence in East Africa

In this moving piece by Irina Fuhrmann, women from the drought-stricken Kenyan village of Kanukurdio tell of their struggles to survive and keep their children alive. Read more »
Photo: Andy Hall/OxfamAUS

Is famine in East Africa linked to climate change?

The question says it all: what role does climate change have in the current East African drought and famine? While the answer isn’t definitive, certain signs cannot be ignored… Read more »
Photo: Jo Harrison/Oxfam

“Your son is not sick. He just needs to eat”

Oxfam International’s media officer, Louis Belanger, describes how the announcement of famine in parts of Somalia has affected aid workers in the region, inspiring them to work even harder to bring comfort to people like Abdi and Nuriya. Read more »
Aid Worker Diary in Dadaab - Anna Ridout from Oxfam

Video diary from Dadaab

Anna Ridout from Oxfam reports from Dadaab refugee complex in northern Kenya for CNN, taking us behind the scenes and showing us what life is really like in the camps. Read more »
Photo: Jennifer O'Gormon/Concern Worldwide

“A perfect storm” in Somalia: Mary Robinson in East Africa

Oxfam Global Ambassador Mary Robinson recently returned to Somalia, almost 20 years after her first trip to the country. In a fascinating interview with the ABC, she shares her thoughts and impressions of the East Africa crisis. Read more »
Photo: Jo Harrison/Oxfam

Famine in Somalia: what does it mean?

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Famine in East Africa: what does it mean, exactly? When does a food crisis become a famine, and what are the factors behind it? What can be done about it? With the UN declaring famine in parts of Somalia, we thought it was time for some explanations. Read more »
Photo: Sophie McGrath/Oxfam

“A better life will come”: bringing water to Hindeysa, Ethiopia

Ethiopia is one of the countries hardest hit by the drought currently affecting East Africa. But for a small village in Somali region, the construction of a borehole has brought not only water but a sense of optimism too. Read more »