Nur*, 18 stands outside the Oxfam toilet that was installed near where she and her family have set up a home high on a hill in Balukali Camp, Bangladesh

Foreign aid: Australia must match the generosity of those we’re helping

Australia needs a generous and stable aid program that leaves no one behind, bolsters the capacity and responsibility of countries to provide for all their people, and helps to build resilience in an increasingly risky world. Read more »
Beyonce screenshot - "I was here"

World Humanitarian Day 2012

Sunday 19 August is World Humanitarian Day (WHD), and this year’s theme is “Do something good, somewhere, for someone else.” Read more »

Pakistan floods: four days old and the roof caves in

Oxfam Media Officer Tariq Malik traveled to Pakistan, where heavy rains continue to flood the south, and met a woman who had to evacuate her home only four days after giving birth. This is her story. Read more »

3things 4 Africa and humanity

Our 3things youth project looks at the East Africa crisis and Sydney University’s Humanitarian Week. Plus some clothes-swapping for a good cause! What 3 things can you do to change the world? Read more »

World Humanitarian Day 2011

Most of us will be fortunate enough to never know disaster. Our lives will not be torn apart by flooding, famine, conflict. But the world is changing, and uncertainty confronts us all. Today, on World Humanitarian Day, we honour aid workers across the globe who are facing this uncertainty head-on. Read more »