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Photo: Susan Sandars/Oxfam

Ivory Coast: seeds and food for more than 10,000

Meet Josephine, one of many farmers hosting refugees from Liberia, who has benefited from Oxfam’s food distribution program just as her own supplies were running out. Read more »
Photo: Reuters/Luc Gnago, courtesy - AlertNet

Ivory Coast crisis: latest update

The Ivory Coast’s humanitarian crisis continues, with more than 100,000 refugees having fled to Liberia to escape the violence. Oxfam’s Caroline Gluck provides an unsettling update in her latest podcasts. Read more »
Photo: Steve Cockburn/Oxfam

Ivory Coast crisis: refugees’ stories

Refugees from Ivory Coast continue to flee to Liberia as post-election violence and looting in their country escalates: these are some of their stories. Read more »
Photo: Caroline Gluck/Oxfam

Ivory Coast crisis: update from the Liberian border

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Oxfam is responding to the intensifying political crisis in Ivory Coast, where disputed elections in November 2010 caused thousands of people to flee to neighbouring Liberia. Read more »