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South Asian flood

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Deadly floods and landslides have already killed more than 300 people and forced over 12 million more from their homes, as the disaster continues to rip through South Asia. During the past few days, India, Nepal, and Bangladesh have experienced some of the worst floods in years threatening millions more people.

Who is affected?


In Bangladesh, 2 million people are affected and more than 150,000 are displaced. More than 70,000 homes have been damaged. There is great need for shelter, food and clean water.


In Assam in India, more than 5 million people are affected and more than 2 million are affected in Bihar.


In Nepal, more than 385,000 people are affected. 90 people have been killed, with reports of more people injured and missing. Over 10,000 households have been displaced.

How is Oxfam responding?

Oxfam is on the ground, reaching the most affected with the emergency help they need to survive. We are supporting more than 360,000 people in these countries with food, clean drinking water, emergency shelter, toilets and hygiene kits.

  • Oxfam has now installed a water treatment plant in Gaibandha, Northern Bangladesh that will provide water to 65,000 people, and set up 70 toilets for people who have been forced from their homes. Lifesaving essentials are on the way.
  • In Assam in India we’ve started distributing hygiene kits and work with local partners. More than 1,200 people have been helped so far.
  • In Nepal, we aim to help 14,000 families. Hygiene kits and tarpaulin are in transit from Kathmandu to affected areas. Our local partners are already on the ground responding.

We are doing all we can to prevent any further suffering to those who have been affected by this crisis. You can save lives by supporting Oxfam’s work providing emergency help to those who need it most.

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