Loneliness in Jakarta

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Last month Muslims across Indonesia came together to celebrate Lebaran, the festival that marks the end of the fasting month (Ramadan). I celebrated Lebaran with one other friend at the otherwise empty GSBI union office in Jakarta. Jakarta was so quiet—almost everyone had gone back to their villages to spend time with their families. In the evening I could hear the echoes of prayers across the city. I felt deeply touched, but this was mixed with a feeling of sadness because I was unable to be with my family. Without work it is just too expensive to travel back home to South Sumatra.

Fortunately I’m very used to being fairly independent and I was lucky enough to have a few friends around at the GSBI union to hang out with. We entertained each other and my feeling of sadness evaporated.

The other week I sent some applications to two more adidas suppliers around Jakarta (PT Parkland World Indonesia and PT Shyang Yao Fung). Now I’ll just have to wait to hear what happens.

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Rasa Sendirian di Jakarta

Bulan lalu orang Islam di seluruh Indonesia berkumpul untuk merayakan Hari Raya Idul Fitri (Lebaran), perayaan yang diadakan setelah bulan puasa (Ramadan). Saya merayakan idul fitri di SEKNAS GSBI berdua dengan seorang teman. Suasana di jakarta sepi senyap karena penghuni jakarta mayoritas pendatang jd pada pulang kampung. Ketika renungan malam mendengar suara gema takbiran terasa haru dan campur aduk sedih tidak bisa berkumpul dengan sanak keluarga di kampung. Karena saya belum ada pekerjaan saya belum bisa mampu pulang kampung ke Lampung.

Akan tetapi semuanya terlewati dgn keterbiasaan mandiri dan ditemani kawan di gsbi merasa terhibur dan sedihnya langsung hilang hehehehehehe…….

Minggu kemarin saya mengirim lagi lamaran kerja ke PT Parkland World Indonesia and PT Shyang Yao Fung. Sekarang tinggal menunggu kabar dari pabrik-pabrik tersebut.