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Oxfam Unwrapped: How does it work?

By Charlie, the Oxfam Unwrapped goat.

We haven’t met, dear reader. It’s hard for me meet people. You see … I’m a goat.

Yes, you read that right. An honest-to-goodness, grass-chewing, slight-whiff-of-the-hutch, goat. And as a goat typing a blog with no opposable thumbs, I know that anything is possible. Like the perfect Christmas gift … or a world without poverty.

“But how is that possible?” I hear you ask, as you furrow your brow and think “why am I talking to a goat?” Please, dear reader … one question at a time.

The answer you’re after is Oxfam Unwrapped; a selection of unique, life-changing gifts — each with the power to make a huge difference to people living in poverty.

Here’s how it works:

We identify families most in need

First, we take an incredibly handsome animal — say, a goat — and identify a family in urgent need. They’re given two goats to care for and breed. Once they’ve produced their first kids the family pass the original goats onto another family in need, like Recelia’s. This cycle continues until all of the identified families have goats of their own.

Recelia and her children. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/OxfamAUS

“Now that I have goats I feel secure because when I sell my goats I can use that money go to the hospital to get pills to cure whatever illness I have,’ said Recelia. “Before getting the goats I didn’t have any hope. Now I have hope.”

Read more about Recelia’s family and the goats that gave hope.

The community receives training to keep the goats healthy

As part of the program, members of the community are identified to become community veterinary promoters. It’s an important step to ensure the goats are well cared for and provides another income stream for people with few options.

Before his training and the arrival of the goats, Americo and his family worked odd jobs so they could afford to eat. Now, he watches with pride as his six children receive the education he’s always wanted for them.

Americo. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/OxfamAUS

“I’m very proud. My father had 12 children and I am the only one who’s been able to put all of my children through school,” said Americo. Read more about Americo and the goats that educated a family.

Goats help families access a source of income

Once they’re received their goats and training, the family can choose to sell their goats in the local marketplace so they can access vital income. Goats can also produce nutritious milk and provide families with a good source of manure to grow bigger and better crops.

But for many families, like Delfinia’s, the goats will help cover the bare essentials: food, clean water, medicine and shelter.

Delfinia with her goats. Photo: Abbie Trayler-Smith/OxfamAUS

“I’ve sold two goats and used the money to buy corrugated iron sheets to build my house,” said Delfinia. ““It was a very happy moment when I bought the iron sheets.” Read more about Delfinia’s family and the goats that built a house.

It’s that simple. All of these families now have access to money that helps them feed their children, keep them healthy and give them an education. All possible because of someone like you.

But I’m biased. There’s a huge range of quirky life-changing gifts for every personality. Oxfam Unwrapped is designed to make your lucky recipient feel great — whether they smile, laugh or tear up a little bit inside — every gift will make a tremendous impact.

All Oxfam Unwrapped gifts help people living in poverty in clever, innovative ways. It’s a generous way to do something meaningful this Christmas. Peruse the catalogue online and find your next gift.

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